Kenotek Pro ceramic coatings are now available in the UK, and they are looking to expand their network of professional installers. If you are a professional detailer, call Chris on 0161 724 6611 for more information about the opportunities available. If you were previously a Kenlon Shield approved detailer you are eligible for a fast-track conversion to the new COAT'IT range.

The core of our profession is to generate a sensation of the pure, new and protective character with every treatment. The gloss and a shine body work is the living proof of that! Our job is to let vehicles shine in all glory! That is why we, KENOTEK, develop products for every step in the process. In short, a full product range that provide a sensational experience for everyone in the industry.

There is magic when our products come into contact with the body work and that is what we always strive for. As a reliable partner for professionals, active in the car care industry, we have developed a complete and user-friendly concept. So that you, as customer, are able to offer a high-quality program to the end-user. We always stay one step ahead by thinking along with our partners and thus arriving at concrete solutions.