** Please note: the member criteria has recently been upgraded and we are in the process of rolling out assessments for existing members**

Choosing a Service

We often get clients asking for a quote for their car to be 'valeted' or 'detailed'. In the world of professional car care, there are many levels of service so it really helps to know exactly what sort of service you would like. 

We have put together a short summary of options below so you can choose the most appropriate service.

For valeting services many members will be able to provide you with a quote over the phone. Please try to be as accurate as possible when describing the condition of your vehicle.

For detailing services, some members may ask to view and assess your vehicle prior to giving a quote.

Choosing a Professional

All PVD members have had their insurance checked (details on their profiles), and we check that they have positive customer reviews.

We also remotely assess them to ensure they have suitable training and experience for the services they offer. Should you have a complaint, please contact us for help resolving it.

Members have the option to take further assessments to ensure their skills are continually improving. There are ten modules, each with theory and practical elements. On completion of the first five modules, members can gain Accredited Valeter status. On completion of all ten modules, members are eligible for Certified Detailer status.

Valeting Services Guide


Some PVD members will offer a basic wash service. This will include a pre-wash, three-bucket safe wash, and microfibre towel dry. The aim is to safely clean your car without damaging the paint. Depending on the level of soiling, equipment used, and methodology this would typically take 20-40 minutes.


A Mini Valet will include the safe wash procedure as above, but add a level of interior cleaning. This can range from a basic vacuum and wipe-down of interior plastics, to more involved procedures. Generally these take between one and two hours to complete, though you may need to add paint protection or boot vacuming on top.


A full valet is designed to clean just about every aspect of your vehicle, in some cases this includes a basic clean of your engine bay too. Depending on what is included, full valets can take between two and six hours to complete. You can also expect some form of paint protection such as a wax or sealant to be applied.


Some professionals will have a Full Valet as their top service, others will have another service above it, such as a 'Platinum', 'Signature' or 'Luxury' Valet. Each will have their own menu of processes for their service, suffice to say that you can spend in excess of a whole day in order to thoroughly valet a car, particularly when heavily soiled. 

Detailing Services Guide


Light enhancements will include a full wash and decontamination of the exterior of your car - this alone can take 2-6 hours depending on the size of your vehicle and the level of contamination. 

The 'single stage' element refers to the use of a single compound allowing the removal of light defects. A single stage should not be confused with a single pass - a single stage enhancement will involve multiple passes and can take more than a day.


Similar to a single stage, but detailers will use at least two pad and compound combinations, hence it is sometimes referred to as a 'Two Stage Detail'. One to 'cut' the paint, thus removing deeper paint defects, and a second to 'refine' the finish and bring back the gloss that is sometimes lost during the 'cut' stage.

Depending on the size and condition of the vehicle, and the desired level of defect removal, this can take two to five days to complete.


Few detailers offer a full correction detail as it technically should remove every paint defect present - which is sometimes not even possible, and can take so long that few clients can justify the subsequent cost. Typically this would include elements of wet-sanding and, if required, additional paint.

Fully correcting a vehicle to a concours standard is considered the pinnacle of detailing, taking weeks to complete and costing thousands of pounds. 

Ancillary Services Guide


Plastic headlight lenses can loose clarity and become hazed over time, in extreme cases leading to an MOT fail. Many car care professionals can sand, polish, and protect headlights. This improves night vision and thus safety, as well as restores the overall aesthetic of an older vehicle.


If a vehicle has been smoked in, left unused for extended periods of time, or suffers from water ingress, it can smell unpleasant. Using a combination of deep cleaning and decontamination techniques, car care professionals can often permanently rectify these problems.


More and more vehicles are offered with leather interiors, which can become ripped and discoloured over time. Many car care professionals are able to deep clean your leather creating a dramatic improvement. Some also offer a repair and recolouring service.


Whether you are entering a arrive and shine competition or trying to sell your car for the best price, having your engine bay professionally cleaned and dressed can sometimes make all the difference. It is always important to protect delicate electronics too.


If left on a vehicle, bird lime can etch into the clear coat or lacquer of a car, sometimes causing significant damage. That said, we often see owners using inappropriate methods to remove bird lime, often causing further damage. Car care professionals can advise you how to remove bird lime safely.


Cars are often accidentally covered in paint, concrete, and other forms of seemingly irreparable contamination. In some cases these can be safely removed using specific techniques and chemicals, so it is worth consulting a car care professional before investing in a body shop repair.


Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques can be employed by suitably qualified car care professionals to repair dents, scrapes, scuffs, and other marks, without the need for the car to be taken off the road at a body shop - some PVD Members can offer these services.


As alloy wheels get larger and tyres get lower profiles, it becomes easier to accidentally kerb your wheels against a pavement. Many PVD members can assist with repairing and repainting them, and fitting special devices to protect them against damaging them again such as Alloygators.


Concours preparation is a speciality for top detailers, with some PVD members gaining accolades at the likes of Salon Privé and Concours d'Elégance. If entering your motorcar into such a prestigious competition, you may need suitably experienced detailer to assist.


Whether fabric or mohair, soft-tops need special care and attention to remain aesthetically pleasing and waterproof. Car care professionals can assist with deep cleaning and removing green marks, and even re-colouring and re-proofing the hood to look as good as new.


Vinyl wrap technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. If you are looking to change the colour of your vehicle or perhaps just turn some chrome trim to matt black, this can often be achieved with vinyl. Some PVD members offer vinyl wrapping services.


As cars get faster and heavier, their wheels and brakes are getting larger. Thus calipers are often more visible and affect the overall vehicle aesthetic. As brakes are exposed to high temperatures, the paint can break down and require restoring - some detailers can offer this service.

Paint Protection Guide


Waxes and glazes are relatively quick and easy to apply, while the best waxes can last over six months. They can add a deep, glossy shine to your car and furthermore don't require hours of preparation work prior to application.


Polymer sealants are as easy to apply as wax and have the benefit of potentially greater durability. They are also cost effective, costing less than £30 per bottle. Most new car protection services offered by car dealers use polymer sealants. 


Ceramic coatings offer more resilient and longer lasting protection than waxes and sealants. However, they can be difficult to apply, often require specific environmental conditions to cure, and machine polishing prior to application is essential for good results.


Paint Protection Film (PPF) offers the ultimate protection for paint - they are particularly resilient to stone chips, and some versions offer 'self-healing' properties. However, they are also the most expensive form of protection, requiring real skill to apply properly.

Vehicle Types


Whether it be wooden river boats, GRP sailing dinghys, or top-of-the-line carbon fibre yachts, they all have surfaces that can be polished and protected against the elements. Many PVD members have the skills and equipment to help.


Aerodynamic drag is the bain of all aircraft, be it a single-engined Cessna or the latest turbo-fan Eurocopter. Some PVD members can help restore & protect your aircraft, they have the all-important airside insurance to do so.


Caravans, campervans, winnebagos, and other recreational vehicles are usually constructed from glass reinforced fibre (GRP). Just like paint, these can be polished and protected by car care professionals.


From a chrome-drenched classic bike to a rugged tourer, all bikes benefit from some TLC now and again. Some PVD members specialise in two-wheeled beauties and can offer a full range of aesthetic-enhancing services.


Tractors, combines, drills, harrows, and just about any other agricultural equipment can be maintained by specialist valeters - be it in preparation for a show, lease return, or just to keep your kit in top order & reduce equipment failures.


Plant machinery from mini diggers up to massive earth movers can be deep cleaned and protected. Professional valeters know the importance of keeping everything from hydraulics to bearings in top order.


Regardless of whether it's a 7.5 ton rigid or 44 ton articulated lorry, PVD members around the UK have the skills and equipment to clean everything from curtain-sides to chassis rails quickly and efficiently, keeping your fleet on top form.


Whether you are looking to maintain the classic patina of a pre-war veteran or you want to enhance the enamel on an Edwardian, PVD members have the know-how to help, some even specialise specifically in classic cars.

Will for Skoda Fabia Estate

1st Class Car Valeting

David did a fantastic job on our new car. Cleaning it is a pleasure and it still looks as good as when we left his premises 2 months ago. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ideal.

David Bilsborough for Collection of Cars

J-G-A Staffordshire Detailed Valeting

I use Staffordshire Valeting to valet & fine detail my used car stock. I retail very fine late low mileage quality vehicles and as such want to only associate with professional like minded companies. Staffordshire Valeting is one such company. Always on time, never happy with just 'good', Jon ensures every aspect of detail is taken care of. I can highly recommend Staffordshire Valeting to you for all your vehicles needs.

Sam for Land Rover

MCWS Valeting

I have just had my land rover cleaned by mcws. They came to my house and gave it a full valet now it looks better than when i got it new. many thanks a well done on a good job! Sam

Tom for Range Rover Sport

New Look Detailing Ltd

Excellent Service! Friendly and very knowledgeable. Will use on a regular basis for my RR Sport.

Paul Rudrum for Ford C-Max

Solo Vehicle Valeting

Thanks for doing an excellent job car looks as good as new. Can't recommend solo vehicle Valeting enough. Would definitely use him again. Will definitely be telling friends and family.

Julie Hall for Toyota Yaris

The Clean Car Company

Very professional and thorough job done, its the detail that make the difference. Good value and lasts for weeks. The raspberry smell inside is divine and also last for ages, not like those horrible so called "air fresheners" that you hand around your interior mirror. Also the fact that you go to the customer, that's a welcome change. Will follow up with maintenance washes!

Mike Brace for Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Ti22 Vehicle Services

James - Car has never looked so good! Top job! Worth every penny!

Richard for Audi A4, BMW Z4

MP Valeting

Perfectionist. highly trustworthy and does a great job!

Clint for Ford S-max Vignale

Envy Valeting

A truly professional job inside and outside from start to finish. His attention to detail is second to none, nothing was left untouched. I sent my new car to him with all the delivery protection film on. Not only was all this removed but he even removed the number plates for the detailing. Before the coating was fully hardened my wife managed to spray fuel over the side of the car and then with a dirty cloth scratched the hell out of the car. Tim was very forgiving and fixed what she’d managed to do! Since then I’ve cleaned the car several times and it comes up in show room condition every time with limited effort from myself. I have used his cleaning products too and they do a super job. The inside has stayed protected from the protection applied despite having three young children. I would highly recommend Tim at Envy Car Valeting and will definitely have this done again when I buy another new car.

adam hibbert for Renault Trafic camper

The Detailing Detectives Ltd

I've been converting an ex builders van into a camper and the paint was looking the worst for wear and having recently had the poptop painted it needed sealing. I've been following Craig and the lads for a while so I got them to give my van the once over. It was a total transformation and I couldn't have been happier with the finish. I recommend them to anyone who asks for a quality finish.

Toby for BMW M3

Envy Valeting

Booked the car in for a full correction and ceramic coating. Discussed the paintwork issues with Tim and he gave me confidence that he could bring it back to better than new condition. When I collected the car it looked great but after washing it a week later most the marks on the paint were back and I could see primer on panel edges where he had clearly hit it too hard with the polisher. Really gutted. Tim denied causing the damage and got aggressive when I said he hadn't even removed the original defects. Wouldn't trust him with a toy car let alone someone's pride and joy.

Nigel Priest for Rover 75

Bay Detailing

Fantastic service carried out by Chris at Bay Detailing. Price and level of service is truly second to none

Jamie Bridges for Mercedes Benz AMG Wheels

Detail My Car

Nick wet sanded my AMG 2 piece split faces after being powdercoated. The difference was night and day, and his skill, professionalism and enthusiasm are second to none. Thoroughly recommended.

Zak for Volkswagen Golf


Fantastic service. my car was in need of a professional clean inside and out. I was over the moon thank you so much Andrew

Sean White for Mercedes CLS - Full Valet


After using a local car wash for a couple of weeks I noticed the effects on the paint work, Andy managed to restore it back and had it looking amazing again with good value for money. The inside also smelt and looked like a new car again. I have already book him in for the next visit. Great price and great service - thank you

Ed Watson for Ceramic Wax Valet


Wanted my car to be protected during the winter and was passed Smartdetail's number, Drew conducted the valet with the wax and the car looks great once again. Top guy

Jordan Glover for Training

UK Detailing

I've just completed a two day course with Rich consisting of advanced machine polishing techniques using various rotary and DA polishers, wet sanding to remove light scratches and orange peel, product/pad selection and just generally picking his brains about all things detailing! Great guy with a massive bank of knowledge. Very enjoyable and would highly recommend to anyone looking to broaden their knowledge and services.