Four steps to becoming PVD Approved

The Professional Valeters & Detailers Trade Association prides itself on presenting customers with safe, reliable, and technically proficient car care professionals - whether they are searching for a mobile valeter or unit-based detailer. It is paramount that we ensure all our members meet and maintain high standards in these areas, so when a client sees that a valeter or detailer is PVD Approved, they know they can rely on them to look after their vehicle.

With this in mind, we have developed a four-step approval process for those wishing to join the Association, outlined here.

1: Prerequisites

There are various criteria that candidates need to meet prior to moving forward to the Accreditation stage. We ask that candidates ensure they meet these minimum standards, and can provide evidence that they have done so prior to completing the application form, these include:


  • At least one full year trading as a primary occupation
  • PLI & Accidental Damage insurance
  • Custody & Road Risk Insurance (Mandatory for Unit Based only)
  • At least 25 positive, independent, & verifiable reviews
  • Evidence of formal training, shadowing, or apprenticeship
  • Have a thorough working knowledge and understanding of car care principles and methodology

2: Accreditation

The Accreditation process is carried out remotely and requires the completion of the application form. We will likely call or email candidates for further specific information as required. Areas that we look at include:


  • Insurance certificate and schedule verification
  • Evidence of stated trading time
  • Evidence of stated training
  • Evidence of independent reviews
  • Evidence of appropriate service terminology
  • Evidence of appropriate pricing structure
  • Evidence of professional online conduct
  • Evidence of good working practices

3: Assessment

We hold Assessment days throughout the country at various locations - the current calendar of events can be found below. The written assessment lasts 75 minutes and examines both knowledge and understanding of the technical and commercial aspects of professional car care. The practical assessment focuses on technical proficiency and safe working practice. The cost of assessment is covered in the joining fee of £175 that is payable in advance. In the event of failing the assessment, candidates will be given key areas to improve on and offered a free re-test to be taken at least 3 months after the initial test. The assessment takes one day and it focuses on the following areas:


  • Awareness of safe working practice
  • Demonstration of technical proficiency
  • Understanding of chemical safety principles
  • Professionalism and commercial awareness
  • Knowledge of legal obligations
  • Customer care

4: Approval

On completion of the Assessment stage we will advise candidates as to whether or not they have been passed. Those that have passed will be granted PVD Approved status, and will gain all the benefits of membership including:


  • Certificate of Approval
  • Welcome pack including T-Shirt, Vinyl, patch, etc.
  • Listing on the PVD Directory
  • Listing in the PRO Detailer Magazine
  • Access to PVD Private Group
  • Access to PVD Product & Equipment Discounts
  • Access to PVD Member-only products
  • Access to PVD Gateway Programs
  • Access to PVD Training Courses
  • Access to PVD Certification Programs
  • Access to PVD Business Assistance
  • Access to Technical Advice Helpline