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Detail Like a Pro - Foundation Day

A training day specifically designed from the ground up for new, passionate enthusiasts who wish to learn how to take a car from pre-wash to wax application to a professional standard.

Autobead training location addresses are:

Cardiff, Wales: JDS Detailing, Unit 1B Pantglas farm ind est, Bedwas, CF83 8YE

Lochgelly, Fife: Next Gen Detailing, Unit 25 Crosshill Business Park, Brag, Lochgelly, KY5 8BJ

Sturminster Newton, Dorset: Status Detailing, Ralph Down Farm, Sturminster Newton, DT10 2HP

Wigan, Greater Manchester: KTDetailing, Unit S13, Standish Court Bradley Hall Trading Estate, Bradley Lane, Standish, Wigan, WN6 0XQ

Maidstone, Kent: Sutton Road, Langley, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 3LY

What the day includes

Pre-wash: The essential contactless wash phase. A detailer's opportunity to remove compacted dirt and grit without making physical contact with the paint. An effective pre-wash routine is the most important step in preventing any damage to the paint surface during the contact wash.

Contact wash: Learn the intricacies of the two (and three) wash bucket methods, why it is important, and why it will help to protect vehicles from surface damage.

Deep clean wheels: There is great satisfaction knowing that every part of the car has received the attention it deserves. We will cover how to clean every part of wheels, including the barrels.

Decontamination: Airborne iron particle fallout is an unseen menace to car paintwork and alloy wheels which are also assaulted by brake dust and the correct iron remover product is the next step after washing. You will learn how to thoroughly remove iron fragment contamination and brake dust leaving both wheel and paint surfaces ready for the final stages of your detail. You will also learn how to identify and safely remove tar, as well as clay baring the vehicle.

Polishing: “Polish”- the most misused word in the industry. Find out what it really means to polish a car, removing surface imperfections and unveiling the true beauty of the paint. You will get hands on experience on removing paintwork swirls, and other fine scratching. You will also be introduced to machine polishing.

Wax and finishing product application: A wax will deliver a beautiful gloss finish and hydrophobic properties allowing the car to stay cleaner for longer. You will master the skills of surface preparation and applying a wax which locks in your hard work. We will also look at Sealants and Quick Detailer application.

Glass and finishing touches: A job isn’t complete until the glass surfaces are crystal clean and the detail dressings have been applied. You will learn the small details that make a big impact.