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Dodo Juice Affiliate Detailer (DAD) Registration

The Dodo Juice Authorised Detailer program has been revamped as part of the 2021 update, it is now the Dodo Juice Affiliate Detailer program, conveniently you don't need to learn a new acronym.

Now it is a free add-on exclusively available to current PVD Members, and only requires the completion of this form. Upon confirmation, DADs will automatically get 30% off orders made through the official Dodo Juice webshop for the duration of their PVD Membership. No minimum order quantity, and free shipping on orders over £40.

Please register an account on the Dodo Juice shop PRIOR TO COMPLETING this form, and use the same email address on this form as you do to register on the Dodo Juice Website. This will allow us to identify your account and apply the discount system to it. We will endeavour to update your discount as soon as possible, but it may take up to four working days to process - please be patient.

If you are not a current PVD Member please do not submit this form - your application will not be accepted.