Paint Chip Repair and Touch Up Solution

Minor paint damage can often be repaired by car care professionals without the need to visit a body shop. We have a network of about 100 businesses around the UK who can help - all have passed the PVD Accreditation process and furthermore, have demonstrated that they can achieve good results using colour-matched touch-in paint. Members may use paint sourced from a local body shop, motorfactors, or specialist such as Chipex - for which they will need your paint code. Alternatively, they can use paint sourced by customers, which you can often purchase at your dealership using your vehicle registration or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

When inquiring about paint chip repairs, it will be useful to have some photos to hand so the professional can assess whether he or she can achieve a satisfactory level of improvement. In some cases they may refer you to a SMART repairer or body shop. It may also be useful to have the paint code of your vehicle available - you can normally find this on a plate in the engine bay, door shut, or spare wheel well of your vehicle. Alternatively, you can call a franchised dealer with your registration and VIN number and they will be able to give you the code. Our professionals will be able to assist you in finding the paint code if required.