Gliptone Car Care

About Gliptone

GLIPTONE™ care wax has been a Long Island, New York tradition of quality since 1947. Gliptone products have been built to protect cars, boats and other leisure vehicles from some of the harshest existing elements and weather conditions on our planet including scorching hot summer sun and snow filled freezing winters. From city pollution and industry generated airborne pollutants to the sand and salt filled hurricane force winds of our Long Island coastal environment.

Local car owners understood that quality ingredients combined with quality production process equalled the finest products that they could trust.

Gliptone today, as then, continues to keep true to our purpose of developing and producing the finest quality products for today’s automotive and marine environments. From ph-Neutral soaps and World Class Leather Care Products, to Carnauba based waxes, or high tech polymer sealants and coatings, Gliptones emphasis on quality shines through.

Today we bring our hometown process to your home. A secret this good cannot be kept; so give us a try and remember: “Try it Once, Use It Forever” that’s been our motto since 1947.

Gliptone Products