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The Rhopoint IQ is a powerful tool for auto detailers which measures the gloss, haze, and DOI (distinctness of image) of automotive surfaces. This means that it can be used to measure the level of shine and clarity on a car’s paint, ensuring that it meets the high standards demanded by customers.

With the Rhopoint IQ, imperfections in the surface, such as swirl marks can be easily identified and then corrective action taken to restore the shine and clarity of the paint. Additionally, the Rhopoint IQ provides objective data that can be used to communicate the quality of your work to customers, helping to build trust and loyalty.


Ensure your vehicle has harmony across all panels

Measure paint correction quality on curved or flat surfaces

Replace human subjectivity with real numbers

Rhopoint Instruments is a UK based manufacturer of test equipment primarily focused towards appearance quality. Rhopoint Instruments was founded in 1988 as a manufacturer of glossmeters. Since this time, the range has developed and grown to test not just gloss but many other parameters of total surface quality including orange peel / DOI, haze, texture, defect analysis, and shade and opacity.

Rhopoint Instruments aim to make the buying process as easy and simple as possible. A large amount of the product range is available for purchase online, allowing you to acquire your products quicker and easier.

Alternatively you can enquire with Rhopoint direct by phoneemailonline form or via live chat.

If you have any questions regarding the purchasing process or the product range please contact us on +44 (0) 1424 239996 or email us at sales@rhopointinstruments.com.