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ValetPRO - Advancing Expectations in Vehicle Cleaning Products


We’ve come a long way since company founder Greg created ValetPRO from his garden shed in 2005 with just a £1000 investment. Greg's extensive experience as a detailer prior to 2005 sparked his ambition to create ValetPRO in order to develop highly effective yet budget-friendly vehicle cleaning and protection products.

Results Beyond Expectation:

Curating a range of preparation, cleaning and protection products that redefine excellence in vehicle care

Service Beyond Expectation: 

Experience seamless order fulfilment, punctuality, and unmatched customer support

Performance Beyond Expectation: 

All our products are formulated to exceed customer expectations for value, power and efficiency in use

Quality Beyond Expectation: 

Harnessing premium raw materials, we ensure stability and reliability, assuring the same high quality in every bottle

Value Beyond Expectation: 

With a commitment to quality, without a premium price tag, we deliver unbeatable value without compromise


With all our 500ml trigger bottles being refillable, we help you care for the places and things you love, reducing plastic use and cost per wash

Our Range: 

From essential core products to professional-grade detailing solutions, our comprehensive range caters to every car care need, making us your ultimate destination and one stop shop for vehicle cleaning and protection products

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