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About ValetPRO

ValetPRO is a strong and growing UK brand of detailing products; we are specialists in pH neutral formulations and by using our knowledge and experience we have developed safe and efficient cleaning products. This means that delicate surfaces like chrome, polished aluminium or magnesium wheels can be effectively cleaned without fear of corroding the surface metal. This is something we are very proud of.

We’re very happy with our progress and currently have retailers scattered across the globe with a strong presence in Europe. Due to the excellent support and close working relationships with our retailers, there’s now high demand for our products -so much so that we've just moved to a new warehouse of 12,000 square feet to accommodate the bigger workload -a big jump from where we started.

In 2005, Greg created ValetPRO from his garden shed with just a £1000 investment. Researching and experimenting with the goal of creating effective, affordable car care products, Greg had no idea how successful ValetPRO would become.

By 2010 ValetPRO had moved into our first warehouse in Framfield. Still very much in the early stages, we were hand-pouring product into bottles and establishing the brand. It didn't take long before the retailing market started showing interest in the products we created; the popularity of some of our best selling products, pH Neutral Snow Foam and Bilberry Wheel Cleaner, had a strong role in that.

Since then, we’ve released several more products that have helped to cement our place in the detailing industry. These include Citrus Bling, Dragon’s Breath, Beading Marvellous and Purple Passion, all of which seem to be favourites amongst our stockists and their customers. We’re currently working on expanding our range of waxes and polishes.

Unlike the vast majority of car care manufacturers, we develop new products ourselves. We have a very strict process when it comes to generating a new product: first we sit down and describe what we want and what it should do. Next, we work meticulously to create a product that fits those specifications -we don’t compromise. If it doesn’t work, we try again. And again. And again, until we figure it out. Take Purple Passion for example, it was under development for over a year until we were happy that it matched our original description.

In 2012, we moved to a warehouse in Golden Cross which we quickly filled to the brim and gradually employed more and more people. During this time, we’ve had our labels translated into eight languages, acquired active resellers in thirty-four countries, and expanded into a second warehouse on the property.

A lot of our products are made in-house. Unfortunately, we don't yet have the resources or man-power to create all our products ourselves, but this is definitely a goal for us. We do, however, make most of our products ourselves in our warehouses; we currently have a great team of people who work eight hours a day, five days a week to blend, bottle, label, box, pick, pack and ship the products out to our retailers.

ValetPRO currently employs 13 people on site however, due to high demand for our products during the summer season, we frequently take on temporary staff to help get the pallets out of the door. We have two bottling machines and an automated labelling machine which helps to speed up the process considerably. We’ve been told by many of our stockists that we have an incredible turnaround time between when they pay for the order and when they receive it; this usually averages at under a week.

In addition, we’ve been marketing our brand in a handful of different publications, both online and in magazines:  Autosport, Haymarket, Evo magazine, Detailing World, Modern Mini, amongst many others. We make an effort to remain very active when it comes to sponsoring automotive events and shows; in May-September of last year we contributed to the Abarth 2017 Summer Meet, WaxStock, Ford Fair, Japfest and the Bentley Drivers Club Silverstone event, offering products as prizes and give-aways. We’ve also recently tweaked and redesigned our website before tweaking and redesigning it again, however we’ve finally settled on a design we’re more than happy with; one that’s incredibly user-friendly and interactive. From our blog page, you can keep updated on the rest of our story as it happens, the competitions we run, any new product releases and much more.

Friday 6th April was our last day in our old warehouse at Golden Cross; we've since moved to Newhaven where we work from a warehouse of 12,000 square feet - a big jump from Greg’s garden shed.

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