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Wheeluv - Superior Alloy Protection

Looking to boost your revenues with a premium, in-demand service?

WHEELUV™ offers a fantastic opportunity to increase your profits with our innovative alloy wheel protector system. Here's why you should become a WHEELUV™ fitting partner:

  • High Profit Margins: Earn over £80 per set fitted! WHEELUV™ protectors are a cost-effective solution for drivers, allowing you to offer a valuable service with excellent profit potential.
  • Simple and Fast Fitting: The protectors are designed for easy installation. We provide comprehensive training and support materials to ensure your technicians can fit them quickly and efficiently.
  • Peace of Mind Warranty: Backed by a robust 1-year warranty, WHEELUV™ protectors offer confidence to both you and your customers.

What are WHEELUV™ Protectors?

These ingenious protectors are engineered to shield alloy wheels from everyday wear and tear. Here are some key benefits:

  • Impact Absorption: Made from the same tough polymers used in train buffers, WHEELUV™ protectors absorb impact from kerbs and road debris, preventing damage to your customers' valuable alloy wheels.
  • Stylish Enhancement: Available in a variety of colours, WHEELUV™ protectors not only protect, but also enhance the look of a vehicle, adding a touch of personalization.
  • Durable Design: Rigorously tested to withstand harsh weather conditions, chemicals, and everyday wear, WHEELUV™ protectors are built to last.

PVD Wheeluv Fitting Partner Deal !

Wheeluv are not only PVD Supporters - they also value the credibility of the PVD Assessment Process. Therefore:

PVD Approved members (those that have passed the PVD Theory & Practical Assessments will receive a 10% discount on becoming a Wheeluv Fitting Partner and a 15% discount on each subsequent Wheeluv kit purchased.

PVD Members will receive a 5% discount on becoming a Wheeluv Fitting Partner and a 7.5% discount on each subsequent Wheeluv kit purchased.

To sign up give Jon at Wheeluv a call on 07801 010 108

Get in touch with WHEELUV™ today to become a WHEELUV™ Fitting Partner and increase the profit margins for your business!


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