PVD Review

From initial query to finished product. Exceptional service.I had a silver Fabia VRs and a blue Octavia estate VRs that were both looking grubby after the winter so I contacted Drew for a quote as I didn’t really know what I wanted. Apparently ‘make them shiny’ is not a technical term.Drew provided me with a detailed breakdown based on ‘make them shiny’ explaining each stage in detail and I was pleasantly surprised by the very reasonable quote I was given.Drew arrived (despite the inclement weather) and set about the interior of the silver Fabia. One excellent job and stubborn dash mark removal later it looked superb.Due to the aforementioned inclement weather Drew was not able to complete the exterior, however the following day was forecast dry so that would be completed prior to detailing the blue Octavia VRs.Drew dutifully arrived early the next day and completed the Fabia (sterling job, wifes car, enough said) and commenced on the Octavia. The Octavia had had supaguard applied by the dealer, really, don’t bother, save the money and spend it on a decent detailer….like Drew. The flakes in the blue paint now pop and it looks absolutely stunning all over. Suffice to say I highly recommend Drew and would not hesitate to use him again…and all for a price that is probably below what you would expect for this level of detail