Interview: Avi Moradi of CarPro

CarPro is a well known name in the world of detailing - famous particularly for their C.Quartz glass coating. With a head office in Cyprus, there is an international network of distributors, resellers, and certified detailers.

In the UK, they are headquartered near Glasgow and managed by Craig Hall. They even developed a special C.Quartz UK product to cope with our inclement weather! While C.Quartz has a dedicated following, there is an ever-expanding array of other products, almost all centred around their glass coat technology.

Name:                      Avi Moradi

Age:                          47

First Car:                  VW Beetle

Detailing music:    House music

2 buckets or 3:       Two buckets

How did you come to start CarPro and were do doing anything different before?

As a part of my former business, about ten years ago, I was working intensively with Korean partners. We were selling HID lamp systems.

One day, while having dinner with my Korean colleague, we discussed the new technology he had seen in the Korean market. He announced that he had come across some new type of car coating called a “glass coating”. It was a kind of special liquid which dries when in contact with oxygen.

I was fascinated by the idea and saw its future potential in car paint protection. I could see a real opportunity to bring it to the West.


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That’s how C.Quartz came to life. I don’t see anything I would change really. The start wasn’t easy - it was very hard to bring something new to a highly conservative market.

Where do you make the products?

Our factory is based in South Korea, and we make 90% of our products in-house - both in terms of development and production. 10% are produced under exclusive contract (in cases where the technology required is not cost effective to produce in house)

How many employees do you have and who has been with you the longest?

We started with an original team of three - myself, my Korean partner, and his wife. Since then we have taken on a further five people for various roles at the production plant and with logistics.

What's the best piece of business advice you've ever been given?

Service, service, and again, customer service. Always listen to your customers and do your best to help them as much as you can.

If you could have done anything differently with hindsight, what would that be?

In honesty I don't really regret any decisions I have made in this business. I believe everything happens for a reason, and even if it appears to be a mistake or wrong step, it may lead to better things in the long term.

Favourite car you've detailed?

The Porsche 911 pictured below.

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What is your favourite CarPro product?

Without a doubt, IronX, the revolutionary material which changed the car decontamination step for wheels and car paint.

Favourite non-CarPro detailing product?

The Wheel Woollies brush, it is a very good product, perfect for cleaning car wheels.

What was your first product?

Our first product was called A.Quartz - a water base coat. It wasn’t going well until C.Quartz, ceramic quartz, with a solvent base was developed. It has been our leading coating ever since.

How does CarPro come up with its products?

Our ideas develop from a concept of what you want them to do. It's about finding solutions to problems. We are also constantly developing technology - we have our ears to the ground to see if we can develop our products further.

A lot of our developments are in conjunction with top detailers around the world. We listen to their requirements and feedback, and then try to accomplish their needs. We are always searching to find ways to improve our products - making them more efficient, more effective, and easier to use. Above all, we make sure every product delivers on their promise.

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