Motorbike Detailing By Design By Detail

From Harley Davidsons to Touring Bikes to Superbikes, the art of valeting and detailing motorbikes is a challenge, though a fulfilling one. A motorbike stand is always a great tool for full rotation and complete cleaning of both front and rear wheels, without having to move the bike.

One of the key issues with some bikes is their exposed electronics. With our Kranzle K7, we have the facility to reduce the power through the lance.

Of course, motorbikes are used to getting wet in the rain, but with electric components more exposed than in cars, caution is wise. Better to be safe than sorry. Having tried a few products, we came across a specific bike product from Power Maxed.

Even though this is a wash and wax product, we found it to be excellent for the removal of dead bugs and flies.

The product is applied through a Kwazar compression Super Sprayer, since we can identify and apply the product to the exact areas where needed. We use a variety of brushes to agitate in and around the intricate areas, which includes around the engine, radiators, wing mirrors etc.

Whilst the pre-wash is working, we use a non-acidic wheel cleaner with a selection of different brushes on the wheels, plus an APC on the tyres

DUCATI, Design By Detail. Motorbike Detailing. Motorbike, detailing

The next stage is to rinse off both the wheels and the pre-wash. We then use a two-bucket method and clean the entire bike with a PH neutral shampoo. Again with the power reduced on the pressure washer, we rinse the whole bike. Some bikes tend to ‘attract’ tar - we use a tar remover gel, concentrating the product on specific areas. We see a lot of tar behind the front wheel and the exhaust, where exposed. Once the product has loosened the tar, we use a microfibre to wipe off.

For drying, we use a Metro Vac Sidekick air blower. This enables us to remove all the water from intricate areas. We use Swissvax Bike Sheen on the body panels as it is designed for repelling petrol splash when filling up. With any chrome, we use a variety of products including Britemax, White Diamond and Swissvax Metal Polish.

Where bike screens are fitted, we use a rain repellent, not a ceramic product but a spray and buff application. Tyres are not dressed as it’s very dangerous to apply any product which may affect grip. Seats are cleaned but not buffed, again to ensure that any grip factor is not removed. Also avoid using any products on belt drives or chain drives on bikes.

Bikes are more intricate and more time needs to be taken. Body panels can be removed for ease of cleaning. We use lots of brushes in different shapes and sizes, and we find air-drying is efficient.

DUCATI, Design By Detail. Motorbike Detailing. Motorbike, detailing
DUCATI, Design By Detail. Motorbike Detailing. Motorbike, detailing